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Connected with some of the most Famous Faces in Film, TV and Other Media.

Celebrity Info specialises in connecting you with top tier talent across the UK. We have especially strong links across the Film, TV and Voiceover industry.

Our Manchester and London based teams sole focus is helping Casting Directors, PR Representatives and others connect with the right talent for their projects’ needs. 

Celebrity Kids (5 - 15 Years)

Our Kids division represents some of the finest national and global talent, guiding the careers of BAFTA-award winners and nominees. Artists are currently working on exciting productions with Netflix, Disney Plus, BBC, ITV, and Amazon, among others.

Celebrity Adults (16+ Years)

We are proud to represent the talent of experienced artists, securing roles with leading global brands and companies. Artists in our adult division are currently working on BBC News, This Morning, The Bay, Coronation Street and much more. 

Celebrity Voices

Our Voice division represents currently represents some of the most recognisable voices in the industry, currently working on some amazing projects; including Peppa Pig, BBC Radio 1 and  Mike The Knight, are among the notable productions. Our voiceover artists work globally, securing work in Radio Dramas, Commercials and Animated productions.

Other Departments

Founded in 2018 to fill a gap in the market, our ‘Experienced Extras’ devision consists of experienced professional actors, helping us to supply top notch supporting actors for film and television.

Our ‘Commercials’ department exclusively focuses on connecting with top performers for a range of advertising and commercial projects. Our team have helped connect national and global brands with the right face for their project.

For young actors that show genuine and significant potential, Celebrity Info provides links with industry leading drama teachers and talent coaches.  Learn from some of the most experienced artists and professionals in the business.

The Celebrity Info Way

With offices in Manchester and London we are able to provide information for celebrities across the UK; and we pride ourselves on sustaining a reputable name in the industry. Celebrity Info provides authorised users with up-to-date celebrity contact details; we will never buy celebrity information to sell on to you, and we’re proud to. be one of the strongest and most exclusive ‘celebrity black book’ providers in the country.

Our Recent Clients

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Casting Directors

Casting directors across the industry trust Celebrity Info to help connect them with recognisable talent that fits their exact brief. Our provision of outstanding artists for roles in film, television, theatre and more, is what makes us one of the most reputable talent agencies in the UK.